Gary Dixon

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

Born and bred on the Wirral but now living in Gloucester, I run because it enables me to stay fit and healthy and presents me with lots of ‘me time’. ‘Me time is where I clear my head and crystalise my thoughts and as I am a morning person – sets me up for the day ahead.

Aged 62 and cruising towards retirement, the Brathay 10 in 10 presents me with a challenge like no other. The physical and mental requirements that I will encounter in May 2024 are extreme and so I will need lots of luck and TLC throughout the event to get me on the start line each day.

To date I have completed 306 marathons but my real running passion is pacing. 76 of my marathons have been as an official pacer.

I am very privileged to have paced London; Manchester; New York; Chicago and Berlin on multiple occasions but I will always be grateful to the Chester Marathon who gave me my 1st pacing opportunity in 2013. I am hoping that on October 8th Chester will be my 300th marathon.

I pace because I enjoy meeting new people and love trying to make their race day both memorable and fun. As I normally pace sub 4.30 – 5.00 groups I am usually surrounded by first timers who are really nervous. I try to calm their concerns by playing 60s; 70s & 80s music all the way round with the aid of my iPhone and Bluetooth speaker and help take their mind of how difficult running 26.2 miles is.

My favourite event is the iconic Comrades Marathon is South Africa which I have completed on four occasions (twice as an official pacer). 

Having completed the Brathay 10 in 10 in 2021 I am returning to the lake to challenge myself once again and as 2021 was COVID affected hopefully enjoy the full 10 in 10 experience in particular on day 10.

Since raising funds for the Brathay Trust in 2021 – including the London Marathon –  I am really excited to be part of the Brathay 2024 Team and can’t wait to get my training and planning underway.


  • 2021: Brathay 10in10



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