Colin McGlue

Brathay 262 Athlete

I am a 52-year-old lawyer and live in Lytham with my wife Ange and 12-year-old daughter Erin.

I was originally an enthusiastic rugby player enjoying many years at Fylde Rugby Club. I have always enjoyed keeping fit so when my knees finally gave in I took up golf and cycling.

The cycling started low key with short local runs with a cycling club operated out of Java cafe in Lytham. The riding then progressed to longer organised rides initially the Cumbrian Cracker and then Ride London/Birmingham and the Mallorca 312.

With the support and understanding of my 2 girls I have even been able to keep the golf going. It does help that they both also play!

I have often been asked which charity I am riding for. However, to date it has just been a personal challenge. For the first time I will be riding for the charity ‘Brathay Trust’ and looking forward to the challenge.



Goal: £1,000

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