A Windermere three peaks challenge combining rowing and running

RowRunner is a fantastic team challenge event for teams of up to 8 people. It is a three peaks event that involves rowing the full length of Windermere (twice!), with team members running up (and down!) the three fells that overlook the lake.

The event can be used as an ideal opportunity for teams to come back together following periods of remote working. Successful RowRunner teams develop an understanding of each other, build trust, and will re-engage with common business goals.

It can be held as a single team challenge or as a competitive event for up to 8 teams. Places available to secure now.

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Key Facts

Fells - Latterbarrow, Gummer's How, Wansfell

Miles rowing - 10 miles each way

Time to beat! (record held by Kings College, Taunton class of '99)

feet of running ascent over 15 miles (total over 3 legs)


The RowRunner start line is the entrance to Brathay Bay at the north end of Windermere. The course is then:

  1. Row to Red Knab on the west shore of the lake.
  2. A pair of runners race up and down Latterbarrow.
  3. Row to Fell Foot Park at the south end of the lake.
  4. A pair of runners race up and down Gummer's How.
  5. Row to Brockhole.
  6. A pair of runners race up and down Wansfell.
  7. Sprint rowing finish to Brathay Bay.

Followed by champagne and medals!....and a celebration dinner!

The map displayed is from a runners point of view.

Brathay Hall

Row Runner14 024

Brathay Hall provides a stunning event centre for RowRunner. This Georgian country house, with a backdrop of Lake District fells, has easy access to the lake at our private boathouse in Brathay Bay.

RowRunner participants are inspired by the surrounding landscape to push their boat and team through this distinctive event. The Hall also provides a fantastic setting for a memorable post-event celebration.


Latterbarrow 1

After a quick 1 mile row to warm up, the first pair of runners leave Red Knab on their run up Latterbarrow. The views from the summit (and race to get there!) are breathtaking, with Windermere stretching away to the south and a view of Scafell Pike and the central fells to the west.

The runners return along the lake side path to Coatlap Point where they rejoin with their team.

Fell Foot Park

Row Runner Fell Foot

After picking runners up from their first running leg the team row to Fell Foot Park at the southern most point of Windermere. During the second running leg the rowing team are able to enjoy a welcome break and make the most of the National Trust cafe. There is often an ice cream van here to provide more fuel / sports nutrition before thelong rowing leg to come.

Excitement builds as the team await the arrival of their runners descending from Gummer's How.

Gummer's How

Row Runner Gummers How

Leaving Fell Foot Park runners cross the A592 and make the steep climb up Fell Foot Brow before turning left along the fell top path to the summit of Gummer's How. The view from here is stunning with the lake stretching 10 miles to the north and fells from Coniston Old Man round to Scafell Pike and beyond as a backdrop.

However, RowRunner participants won't spend too long looking at the view! They will be focusing on the quick descent back to the team at Fell Foot Park and the next (and longest!) rowing leg.

Windermere - Storrs Hall

Row Runner Long Leg

The rowing leg from Fell Foot Park to Brockhole is 8.7 miles (assuming a straight line is navigated up the lake!). This is the longest RowRunner rowing leg and where the race is often won and lost. Efficient teams are able to pull away from the competition through rotating rowers and sharing rests while continuing to re-fuel.

Storrs Hall is a convenient halfway point and something to aim for. Route finding through the islands at Bowness can also play a significant part in the order teams arrive at Brockhole, with the lead often changing during this leg.


Row Runner Brockhole

At 6.5 miles Wansfell is the longest running leg, to the highest summit. The race towards the finish, which is now getting close, only adds to the the excitement. The pressure is definitely on the runners at this point!

As the team waits at Brockhole, with only 1.5 miles of rowing left to do, you can cut the tension with a blunt oar! If the runners do have time to breath on the summit, there's a fantastic view of the whole RowRunner course that their team is close to completing.


Start Line

Warm conditions for RowRunner 2022

Five teams compete for the RowRunner trophy and raise funds to support disadvantaged childre and young people.


RowRunner Raises Funds to Help Young People in Barrow

Four teams competed in our row and runner event

Row Runner 2019 1

Business challenge ends with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

​Businesses raise over £10,000 for young people from Furness

Row Runner 2017 29

Over £15k has been raised for disadvantaged Furness youngsters

Success at the fifth RowRunner challenge.

3Lc Ullswater1

Oar-inspiring businesses to raise £8,000 for disadvantaged youngsters

Businesses hope to raise £8,000 for disadvantaged Furness youngsters.


A special thank you to our sponsor, BAE Systems. Without your support we wouldn't be able to make RowRunner the successful event that it is.

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