Chris Renton

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

My name is Chris Renton, also known as Rents in the running world and took up running by pure chance around 2008 but that's another story.

My first race was the lumpy Haddington Half Marathon. I was dying on my feet that day, but when heading towards the finish line there was suddenly a lot of cheering and shouting which I felt amazing about. I glanced over my shoulder only to see another runner pushing a wheelchair - and they passed me!!

Onwards from there and I've since completed a whole variety of race distances from Parkrun 5k up to a 24hr event where i completed 100 miles in 22hrs 50mins.

I've chosen to return for a 4th Brathay 10in10 because I had a bad experience when I was 14 years old and I lost my way a little bit. Back in the 70's there was very little offered in the way of support and help so I want to give something back that I never had - Hope, a future, a focus and a sense of achievement.



Goal: £3,000

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  • 2009: ASICS Windermere Marathon (first marathon)
  • 2010: Grimreaper - 70 miles (first Ultra)
  • 2010: Anglo-Celtic Plate (100 miles)
  • 2014: Brathay 10in10
  • 2015: Brathay 10in10
  • 2016: Brathay 10in10
  • 2021: Brathay 10in10 Donate

Interested in the 10in10?

Are you an experienced marathon runner and up for a new challenge? Would you like to be one of the few specially chosen athletes to run the annual Brathay 10in10 Challenge Event while raising money and awareness for the charity?

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