Duncan Evans

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

Back again, it only seems like two years ago since I last sauntered around Windermere. What happened? We all know the answer to that one and it (as it’s a little like Voldemort and we don’t mention it’s name) is simply the right thing to do; raise money for Brathay Trust, a worthwhile cause.

Whilst things have gone sideways for many in the last 12 months, surely a charity deserves all the help it can get, even if it is my assistance! I’ve been lucky enough to spread the word about Brathay at a variety of local Rotary Club talks in Cumbria and a statement sounds out, ‘service before self’ and thus this year, I’m hoping to live that life.

The last time I enjoyed the Brathay 10in10 it was in glorious sunshine in late Spring of 2019. Having seen (from a social distance) the 2020 runners get through the awful torrents amidst a pandemic, my spirits were lifted, albeit momentarily, and the desire to get off my procrastinating backside to help was rebooted. So, in short (as that is my stature), I’m back and aiming to raise more than I’ve done previously.

The last two years have seen personal change too, career, decade (turned 50 which I hated the thought of) and still I feel I have something to prove. My appetite to bite off more than I can chew whilst making things difficult for myself remains. Besides the 10in10 in 2021 my hope is to also finish the Montane Lakes 100 and a fiddly multiday event in Wales.

One of my favourite words is hope. I heard Barack Obama use an expression during his wife’s podcast and it made me happy; I try to remember it if I’m not feeling my best, or simply worry about the world, my home, my children or any of the aspects of this challenge (the event and fund-raising). The phrase, ‘the audacity of hope’.

I promise that this is the last time ...



Goal: £4,000

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  • 1992: Stratford upon Avon Marathon (first marathon)
  • 2016: St Bees Ultra (first ultra)
  • 2018: Brathay 10in10
  • 2019: Brathay 10in10 (ran my marathon PB on Day 10)
  • 2023: Brathay 10in10 Donate

Interested in the 10in10?

Are you an experienced marathon runner and up for a new challenge? Would you like to be one of the few specially chosen athletes to run the annual Brathay 10in10 Challenge Event while raising money and awareness for the charity?

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