Greg Thorley

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

I will be 50-years-old when I run my 10in10 and my running club is Methley Striders. I have run six marathons so far, I hope to have completed more by the time the Brathay 10in10 comes around.

I ran my first marathon in 2014, it was Edinburgh and, looking back I was ill prepared. It took me a painful 4.5 hours to complete it for the charity, Parkinson's. My mother suffered from it for many years.

In terms of running achievements, breaking 20 mins for a 5k ParkRun last year is one and finishing my first marathon in 2018 at Temple Newsam, without feeling utterly exhausted and injured, is another.

I used to be a competitive cyclist but work got in the way. So, I took up running to stay fit and it's stuck and I my competition bug is back. Now I want to do mad challenges like the 10in10, a unique event in an amazing location, whilst raising money for good causes like Brathay.

Previous fundraising successes include the Parkinson’s marathon, when I raised over £600, a cycling team challenge which raised several thousand pounds over four years and a solo sponsored cycling challenge for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal. For that I cycled around all my employers branches in West Yorkshire in one day, it was about 60 miles. I work for Paymentsense, as their contact centre planning manager, an office based job.

My sporting inspiration is Sir Chris Hoy. He is incredibly driven, determined to succeed yet a humble "normal" approachable guy. Away from sport, my mum is a source of inspiration, she was so generous and kind and outspoken, and there was never a dull moment.

When I am running I like to listen to my breathing, my foot steps and absorb the sensations of running and pushing myself harder. It like my meditation in a way, a very tiring sweaty way.

I hope to raise my Brathay funds early on, so I don't have to worry about it. I also hope that injury doesn’t prevent me from completing all 10 marathons. But I be should be okay with the mental challenge.

I think I am like anyone else and everyone else. I believe that Inside of us all we have something remarkable, hidden talents and skills. For me it was the ability to take huge amounts of exercised induced pain whilst cycling. I won three national titles as a teenager and I raced in France for a season.

By supporting this challenge we will be helping young people and their families discover their talents and skills, giving them the confidence to improve their lives.


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