Matt Whitehead

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

I’m Matt Whitehead and am lucky to say that I grew up in the Lakes. I’ve known the Windermere area for years and can’t wait to make my local friends and family proud when I run the 10in10 in May 2019.

Growing up in the Lakes, I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors. I grew up in Bowness, going to the Lakes School in Troutbeck Bridge. I studied geography at Liverpool John Moore’s University whilst also being an instructor in a range of outdoor activities for River Deep Mountain High in Lowick. Upon graduating, I travelled around New Zealand for 6 months before starting training for the Royal Marines in 2015. Unfortunately due to an underlying heart condition, I was unable to complete my training and was subsequently transferred to the Royal Navy, completing my training as a Training Management Officer. I’m currently in my first job working at the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering at RAF Cosford in the Midlands.

My road running career started in university. I completed the Liverpool Half Marathon without too much of an issue and from there, decided to run the Windermere Marathon with a friend. Oh boy was that a different experience! We limped around the course and finished nearly an hour and a half longer than planned. It’s definitely my most memorable running experience so far and one that I’ve definitely learnt from!

It was also at the Windermere Marathon where I first heard about the 10in10 and at that point I couldn’t fathom how anyone could undertake such a sufferfest! At a similar time, I was impressed by Eddie Izzard completing 43 marathons in 51 days without any running background. The following year, I returned and completed the Windermere Marathon, speaking again to a couple of 10in10 runners who really put the challenge into perspective.

I took a break from distance running for a couple of years but returned to take part in the Original Mountain Marathon in Langdale last year. I’ve since completed 3 marathons this year as well as my first Ironman in August.

My running inspirations and motivations will always hark back to my Lake District roots. My favourite run is the short sharp mile up from home to the local Brant Fell. My main running inspirations are the legendary Joss Naylor and equally incredible Bob Graham. I’m aiming to one day attempt the Bob Graham Round- I’ll see how this event goes first!

I love the social aspect to running. I like to train with people, go at a steady pace and chat the miles away. Feel free to chat away some of the 262 miles of the 10in10 with me- see you in May!



Goal: £3,000

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  • 2010: Liverpool Half Marathon
  • 2010 & 2017: ASICS Windermere Marathon
  • 2017: Original Mountain Marathon
  • 2018: Wales Marathon
  • 2020: Brathay 10in10 Donate

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