Sonja 'Sonic' Farish

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

I’m Sonja ‘Sonic’ Farish, 49 years old and live in Barrow-upon-Furness. I work for Life Leisure as a swimming teacher, fitness instructor and duty manager, and I am a swimming teacher for Nuffield Health. On my days off, I look after my grandsons, Byron (4) and Carson (1). I run for Parkside Panthers and Barrow & Furness Striders.

I started running in 2004 when I completed my first marathon. Two years later, I ran my second marathon and now, I am totaling 68 marathons with 31 around Windermere. This year, I have completed two 50 miles ultra-marathons as well as a 24 hour endurance run, totaling 85 miles. I have run the Brathay 10in10 three times in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

I adore running because it gives me a sense of freedom when I’m out running. It’s just me, the road and the beautiful countryside. I listen to music for motivation and focus on my surroundings- nothing can stop Sonic when I’m on a run!

I have raised about £30,000 for various charities, including Furness Oncology Unity, St Mary’s Hospice and Alice’s Escapes. I have also run 101 miles for the Army Benevolent Fund in memory of a local hero and my best friend’s son, Kingsman David Robert Shaw. He was tragically killed whilst serving his country in Afghanistan. It was a very emotional time for me and I entered various races to reach the mileage total and to raise approximately £1,800.

My hopes and goals for this year are to raise lots of money for Brathay and to raise further awareness of what they are doing to help our local youths. I hope to inspire ordinary women like me to do something out of the ordinary. It can enrich not only your life but with an element of fundraising, can enrich the lives of others too.

Oh, I guess the final goal would be to complete the whole 10 days in one piece!

I’m coming home! I’m coming home! Sonic’s coming home!!



Goal: £3,500

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  • 2015, 2016 & 2017: Brathay 10in10
  • 2020: Brathay 10in10 Donate

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