Day 10 - 1 November

Brathay 10in10 2020

A hugely inspirational end to an amazing 10 days! All 11 runners completed 262 miles of hard running in challenging conditions around England’s largest lake.

No change in the weather for Day 10!....torrential rain for much of the time the runners were on the course. The day saw Darren Jenness win his 10th in a row to complete an average sub-3:30 10in10 – one of only 11 people to do so. Rachel Masser ran the second fastest cumulative time for a woman and also smashed the FV45 record.

Two further records broken on Day 10 were:

  • most Brathay 10in10s completed – with Malcolm Collins finishing his seventh 10in10
  • most Brathay 10in10s completed by a woman – with Sonja Farish finishing her fifth 10in10.

All the team have had a huge experience at Brathay over the past 10 days.

Day 10 results

You can donate to support the huge effort all runners are making to support vulnerable children & young people here. Thank you :)