The Brathay 10in10 has developed into our flagship fundraising event, raising approximately £100,000 each year to help some of the UK's most vulnerable children and young people. The charity puts significant time and resources into delivering and improving the 10in10 and as such this is a 'closed fundraising' event. This means that all runners make a commitment to raise a minimum amount towards our work and that the event cannot be used to raise funds for other charities.

For most, running a marathon is a huge challenge with many physical and mental hurdles to overcome both during training and the event itself. Running ten in ten days is something else altogether, and a challenge that lends itself to supporting people less fortunate than ourselves. This is an inspirational opportunity to make a valuable contribution to Brathay Trust's work to create opportunities for thousands of vulnerable children and young people.

Our evaluation of fundraising performance consistently shows that 70% of the total raised each year is donated before the event starts, with 30% being donated during, and in the weeks following, the event. A typical Brathay 10in10 fundraising campaign will run from July/August in the year before your 10in10, up to the event itself in May, and then for one or two months afterwards - so this can often be a campaign that builds and is delivered over 12 months.

This is a unique and special event and supporters will recognise the scale of the challenge and be inspired to give. What works well is to develop your own individual fundraising campaign, tailored for your network of supporters and personal opportunituies - there is no 'one size fits all' model to 10in10 fundraising. We are here to help with advice and resources and take a personal approach to supporting your fundraising campaign. We will provide printed and online resources to support any fundraising activity you create, as well as sharing ideas and successful approaches that we've seen in previous years.

This support starts with a meeting with Brathay's Head of Fundraising to develop your ideas and approach. There will also be a focused fundraising session as part of the training weekend in January. This provides an opportunity to benchmark your progress against other 10in10 participants and share fundraising ideas.

All Brathay 10in10 participants can make it easy for people to support them by setting up an online fundraising page using JustGiving. Sharing your story and Brathay's mission on social media is a great way of promoting your appeal and reaching more supporters.