Can I speak to someone who's done it before?

Athletes who successfully cross the finish line on Day 10 automatically become members of the Brathay 10in10 Club. Membership of the club passed 100 at the 2017 event. Many Brathay 10in10 Club members become long term supporters of the event and Brathay Trust's work to help vulnerable children and young people. For some, even 10 laps of Windermere isn't enough and they come back to repeat the 10in10 again....and again....and again....!

If you'd like to discuss your interest in the event at any stage of your decision making/application process we'd be happy to introduce you to a club member in your area.

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Since the event started in 2007 we've gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience that we're happy to share to ensure the success of future Brathay 10in10 challengers.