Maria Masters

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

Hi – I'm Maria and I am originally from Ardee in County Louth in Ireland, although I now live in St Helens. I am an accountant, so tend to be desk-bound (or kitchen table-bound for the last 12 months) from Monday to Friday so I like to spend as much of my spare time as possible fell walking and relaxing in the Lake District.

As a girl growing up in Ireland I was a sprinter, so much of my early running experience was over as quickly as you can swallow an energy gel! Over the last few years, I started to run more to keep fit, especially as the gyms closed, and spin and circuit classes got cancelled.

I never really had the inclination or ambition to run longer distances, but it kind of creeps up on you if you are not careful! 5k’s became 10k’s and 10k’s became half marathons. I ran a half marathon every month throughout 2020 and I honestly thought that was as far as I was willing to go.

In a moment of weakness, I decided to find out what running a marathon was all about and decided that where else should I do this absolute one-off but in my spiritual home by running the 2021 Windermere Marathon. They do say to start off with a nice, flat, easy one!

I was taken in by the emotion of the whole experience and I was inspired by the small band of incredible people who were running the legendary Brathay 10in10. In a moment of madness I decided that after running around Windermere once, running around it 10 times in 10 days would be a great idea and a wonderful way to spend even more time in The Lake District.

Of course, the challenge will push me to, and far beyond, my limits of physical, mental and emotional endurance. I know it will be the most difficult thing I have ever done. There will be times when I will question just why I decided to do this. I may feel broken and wonder if I can complete it. However, knowing that I am running to raise money for Brathay Trust will inspire and motivate me when I feel I have nothing more to give.

Brathay Trust is an amazing charity that aims to improve the lives of children, young people and families by giving them opportunities to engage with their communities in a positive way. Young people develop the skills, attitudes, resilience and behaviours that will give them the platform for a better life in which they can grow and flourish and become a positive influence for those around them.

For more than a year young people have been deprived of the social interaction, support and stimulus they need to grow into well-balanced, independant adults. Brathay Trust provides these children and young people with a means of reconnecting with society and fulfilling their potential.



Goal: £5,700

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  • 2018: St Helens 10K
  • 2018: Drogheda 10K
  • 2019: Wilmslow Half Marathon
  • 2019: Liverpool Half Marathon
  • 2019: Langdale Half Marathon
  • 2020: Heaton Park Half Marathon
  • 2020: Blackpool Half Marathon
  • 2020: Aintree Half Marathon
  • 2021: ASICS Windermere Marathon
  • 2021: Dorney Lake Half Marathon
  • 2023: Brathay 10in10 Donate

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