Mark Turner

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

My name is Mark, I am 51 and live in Buckinghamshire, with my wife Ros, 3 cracking daughters and 2 dogs. I was very recently lucky enough to be accepted as a Trustee of Brathay Trust and my first board meeting coincided with the start of the 2021 event. I was completely humbled and inspired by the whole thing, the spirit amongst the runners, and frankly felt duty-bound to do my bit, raise some money and fully immerse myself in the charity......Brathay 10in10? hard can that be?!!

I like running, I’m not so good at it but frankly it’s the easiest way to get outside and exercise. I’m really just happy doing anything outside provided I’m in the hills, mountains or by the sea (Buckinghamshire – yes, I know…….), trail running, cycling, swimming, ski touring. I really like going uphill, slowly. I prefer skiing uphill to downhill, which seems odd even to me! My first love is really mountaineering – I don’t actually climb but I have an enduring fascination with what makes high altitude mountaineers tick, and how they can push the boundaries to extraordinary levels, and also write about the events with astonishing clarity and humility afterward. My shelves heave under the weight of mountaineering books, though there is a spot for a very special running book – Feet in the Clouds, which really inspired me to get into trail running.

I ran the London Marathon in 2003, which was a bit of a slog but a great atmosphere. Since reading Feet in the Clouds I have run a fair bit in the Lakes, the Alps and Dartmoor, and ‘competed’ in a few events – the Mont Blanc Marathon, Mont Blanc 80k, the Ultra Tour de Monte Rosa multistage race and I hope to do both the Dartmoor Crossing and the UTMR stage race again in late August/September 2022.

Whilst I don’t love road running, I do really love both the Lakes and Brathay, so the 10in10 was impossible to resist! My father attended a course at Brathay in his 20s and it was a very formative experience for him which I felt deeply, I’ve kept in touch since then, and watched progress from afar and wondered over the years how to get involved and help. COVID has simply only magnified the gap between the demand for Brathay’s outstanding talents and energies and funding resources to pay for them. So I think it's incumbent on those of us who can, to bridge this gap. I will be so very grateful to everyone who sponsors me, and It will really help me keep going through the dark times!



Goal: £60,000

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  • 2003: London Marathon
  • 2023: Brathay 10in10 Donate

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