Stephen Ball

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

Often, I find myself telling fellow runners that I must get myself across to the Lake District to do some running, as I haven't done any proper running across there. So here I am - signed up for one of the most challenging, and I’ve been assured rewarding, running events....the Brathay 10in10....10 marathons in 10 days!

I’ve been running for 7 years and have steadily worked my way from 5k and 10k runs up to trail marathons and now more and more ultras.

My first marathon was Edinburgh in 2018, finishing in 3hrs and 38 mins. I returned to Edinburgh again in 2019 and completed the course again, albeit not in the same time.

I run with two clubs in the Scottish Borders, Norham Running Club and Tweed Striders – both have been so supportive with all my running goals and achievements. The encouragement and social aspect are just as important as the actual physical running.

During 2020 I started ultra-running. I wanted to see just what I could achieve and what is possible. I guess it’s in a runner’s mindset all the time to push themselves further and further.

I've found the biggest difference between marathons and ultras is that ultra-runners do tend to eat constantly – so I'll try and limit my eating to before and after the marathons!

So from ultra-running, I inadvertently stumbled across the Brathay 10in10 challenge....and I use the word 'challenge' in its proper sense! This will be a massive task – running the ASICS Windermere Marathon course every day for 10 days. I can’t wait to tackle the 10in10 head on, and by doing so, helping to raise valuable funds for Brathay Trust.

Brathay works with a wide range of young people, often facing fewer opportunities in life, including those managing the transition from living in care to independence, needing the confidence to find work or training, or facing significant challenges in their lives.

By supporting me in this extraordinary challenge you will be helping to improve the life chances of children and young people by inspiring them to engage positively in their communities.



Goal: £4,000

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  • 2018: Edinburgh Marathon
  • 2019: Edinburgh Marathon
  • 2019: Ultra Tour of Edinburgh
  • 2020: Nidderdale Way Ultra (56 miles)
  • 2021: Dales High Way Ultra (93 miles)
  • 2021: Race to The Castle Ultra (100K)
  • 2021: St Cuthbert's Way Ultra (100K)
  • 2022: Brathay 10in10 Donate

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