Davey Green

Brathay 10in10 Athlete

I'm Davey Green from Launceston in Cornwall. 54 years old and completed over 240 Marathons, which include previous success at the 2021 Brathay 10in10 where I attained a top ten finish!

Being a bit of a 'Repeat Offender' in my early youth, I believe that I will always owe a debt to society. I will never be evens with Brathay as they have done more for me than I could ever do for them, so I'm back for my 5th Brathay 10in10!

There is no such thing as an easy Marathon, and I very nearly didn't finish at London this year. The Volunteers and the Crowd spurred me on and the thought of letting down all our supporters and sponsors was just too much for me, so I spurred on to a slow but successful finish line.



Goal: £4,000

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  • 2012: Olympic Torchbearer
  • 2012: Brathay 10in10
  • 2014: Brathay 10in10
  • 2018: Brathay 10in10
  • 2021: Brathay 10in10
  • 2023: Brathay 10in10 Donate

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