Amarjit Bhachu

Golden Bond Runner

I live in Nairobi (Kenya) and I am an entrepreneur, owning businesses in logistics, steel and LPG. When I was younger, I was incredibly active and an avid Hockey Player - even representing the Country (through my Club) at a time in the 80s when the international ranking of Kenya was number 4.

I am an avid runner, but I never listen to music when I run! I find that listening to the sound of my own breathing is what keeps me in line with my target pace. I first attempted a half-marathon in Nairobi when I had turned 51. Now, 12 years later, I have completed my 12th Half-Marathon in my personal best time!

I have never attempted a marathon, but at the young age of 63, I feel like now is the time! I am incredibly honoured to be supporting the Brathay Trust for this event, because I believe that our society and future growth is all dependent on the brilliant youth actually realising, they are brilliant. The encouragement for positive engagement in community from a young age is the best way to foster this.

My running inspiration is Eliud Kipchoge. I have never missed one of his marathons and have actually followed him since his third place finish in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. Through his simple lifestyle, yet incredible mind, I truly believe in the 'No Human is Limited' mindset and drive myself in everything that I do with the same thinking. I wish to meet him soon!



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