Hannah Stevenson

Golden Bond Runner

I am the Marketing Manager for Cicerone and, when not working, I can be found enjoying an array of extreme sports - marathon reading, epic afternoons in the park with the dogs, and endurance cake eating. I also have a strange appetite for things I am bad at - running, swimming and quizzing.

From trying to beat my step-father in 1960's Trivial Pursuit as a child to tiring out my Viszla puppy, I have always chased the challenge of impossible things. In 2015 I decided to run every day in order to decide once and for all whether I liked running. I promised I would stop if I still didn't love it after 365 days. I completed my self-imposed challenge but didn't stop running despite never really warming to it. Here's hoping running a ridiculously long way with 39,999 other people will finally make me love this peculiar form of exercise. If not, at least I will have raised some money for a truly wonderful charity.



Goal: £1,750

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  • 2015: Rock & Roll Half Marathon, Liverpool
  • 2015: Ran every day of the year!
  • 2017/18: A couple of sprint triathlons
  • 2018: Ride London
  • 2021: London Marathon Donate

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