Laura Murray

Golden Bond Runner

My journey into fitness and running only began in May 2019 so it’s all a bit new to me! I had originally only planned to spur myself into action by running the 2020 London Landmarks Half Marathon for Cat’s Protection, but what transpired was a fast growing passion for running. I am now a committee member of my local running club and have lots of races under my belt, with many more to come. It’s therefore a natural progression for me to delve into the world of marathons and I’m delighted to be representing the Brathay Trust at the 2020 London Marathon.

Over the last few months I’ve learnt that what felt impossible is in fact very possible with a bit of belief and encouragement. A year ago I never would have thought that someone as sedimentary as I was would be able to run the kind of distances I do now and more importantly, enjoy every mile! Brathay shares the same belief that everyone can do extraordinary things and they aim to bring out the best in those that they support. They aim to improve the lives of children and young adults and I hope I can help spread their message further and through fundraising enable them to help more people realise their potential.



Goal: £1,750

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  • 2019: Mount Ephraim 10k
  • 2019: Faversham 10k
  • 2019: Ashford Givaudan 10k
  • 2019: Chilham Castle Challenge 10k
  • 2019: Adidas Fulham 10k
  • 2019: Mo Runner 10k
  • 2019: Alan Green Memorial 10 Mile Race
  • 2019: The Kent Christmas Cracker 10k
  • 2020: Vikings Challenge Half Marathon
  • 2020: Canterbury 10 Mile Race
  • 2021: London Marathon Donate

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