Phil Ainley

Golden Bond Runner

Hi, my name is Phil. I'll be 47 on the day of the London Marathon in 2020 and I've been running since 1996.

I used to be a smoker when I first started running, but in 1998 I was struck down with a chest problem, my peak flow dropped to 410 and I was diagnosed with asthma, so I quit the habit and increased the number of runs each week.

My first event was Tough Guy in 2002. It was a cold but dry January day and the water obstacles were freezing... but it was really good fun and it gave me the running bug.

I have since completed many events at various distances including 12 marathons and 2 ultra marathons.

I now have my sights on the 6 marathon majors. In 2020 I will be running both London and Berlin mararthons, which gives me a good start.

I have raised approx £15,000 for many different charities over the years, but mainly the cancer related charities as I have lost a lot of family and friends to the disease. I have also raised money for MIND because mental health has also played a key factor in my life.

I have kept up my running because I am a food lover, so it helps to keep my weight in check. I am an affiliated member of a fantastic club called the Chorlton Runners, based in South Manchester.

I have been chasing the elusive sub 4-hour marathon since my first marathon in 2008.

Wish me luck as I chase it again around the streets of London.



Goal: £1,750

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  • 2019: Canalathon Ultra Marathon
  • 2019: Chester Marathon
  • 2019: Leodis Grim Trail Marathon
  • 2019: Oulton Park Grand Prix Marathon
  • 2019: Tissington Trail Marathon
  • 2021: London Marathon Donate

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