Have a go at new sports and fitness activities

Go Active at Brathay is all about offering taster sessions in sports and fitness activities aimed at getting local people and visitors more active. Taster sessions will be available on the Brathay Hall site while the ASICS Windermere Marathon is taking place.

In a stunning setting visitors will be able to have a go at: entry level trail run; junior trail races; orienteering; canoeing; climbing wall & high ropes activities; paddle boarding, archery, pilates, foot golf, kids dance and more! And, while cheering finishers in the Marathon and Brathay 10in10, enjoy the local food and drink on offer.

Car parking available at the event - £5 per car.

Directions to Go Active at Brathay

Directions to Brathay Hall, LA22 0HP

Download the Directions To Brathay Hall PDF

Directions to Go Active at Brathay

Directions to Brathay Hall, LA22 0HP

Download the Directions To Brathay Hall PDF

Key Facts

Kilometres on our 'taster' trail run

Age categories in junior races

Challenge elements on high ropes course

Visitors last year

Trail running - junior races - orienteering

Go Active At Brathay 2017 88

Trail running is a fantastic way to exercise in the great outdoors with friends and family. People of all ages can enjoy running in the countryside at their own pace, over varied terrain and always with great views of the surrounding landscape.

Our 2.62 km trail run is a fantastic opportunity to experience off-road running under the supervision of Jogging Pals' experienced run leaders.

Starts at 12.10pm

Jogging Pals are also holding junior mixed terrain races on the Brathay Hall Estate. Laps of a 1km course will be run by U8 & U10 (1 lap); U12 (2 laps) and U14 & U17 (3 laps).

Starts at 11.00am.

Entry fee: £3

Trophies will be awarded to first girl and first boy in all age categories and will be presented by Joss Naylor, MBE.

Orienteering is a sport that combines map reading and running or walking. Participants find their way between a series of checkpoints, called controls, as quickly and efficiently as possible. There’s no set route between the controls, so you have to decide which way to go and then find your way there without getting lost! Lakeland Orienteering Club will be on hand to give you the skills to navigate around the Brathay orienteering course.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £3 per map

Canoeing - Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Take to the water in Canadian Canoes launched from the Brathay boathouse. Under the expert supervision of Windermere Adventure Centre learn essential skills in the sheltered Brathay Bay before venturing out into the lake or up the River Rothay.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £3

Launch on to Windermere from Brathay Bay and have a go at stand up paddle boarding. Within the shelter of the bay to make for a comfortable first experience and with support from Windermere Canoe and Kayak you never know you may be discovering your new hobby.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £5

Climbing Wall - High Ropes Course

Go Active At Brathay 2017 80

Brathay's experienced team of instructors will teach you the basic skills needed to keep yourself safe and have a good time while high off the ground. Learn techniques for climbing on our climbing tower or experience the thrill of our high ropes challenge course. All while enjoying an aerial view of other Go Active at Brathay sports and activities.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: Climbing Wall £3    High Ropes Course £3

Archery - Footgolf - Gruffalo Trail


Kendal Bowmen Archery Club was formed in April 1972 by Father Frances Hughes, a Catholic Priest who had recently moved to Kendal. They run beginners courses throughout the year as well as supporting experienced and competitive archers. If you fancy having a go at archery, but are not sure if it is the sport for you, Go Active at Brathay is a good way to start.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £3

Footgolf is a precision sport, in which players kick a football into a cup in as few shots as possible. It combines the best of football and golf, two of the most popular sports in the world - with Windermere as a stunning backdrop! And, of course, it is open to everyone.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £3

Oh help! Oh no! It's a Gruffalo! Come to Brathay's deep dark wood to follow the Gruffalo trail. Our younger visitors will be enthralled as they follow the Gruffalo clues to their prize at the end!

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £3

Kids Dance - Pilates

Go Active At Brathay Yurt

Make sure you head for the Yurt at some point in the day. This chilled out space will host pilates and kids dance sessions delivered by Ulverston Leisure Centre. This could be the perfect warm down after running 26.2 miles around Windermere!

Duration: Each session lasts for approximately 40 minutes.

Session start times: 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00

Price: £3

Hot Air Balloon - Bouncy Castle

Go Active At Brathay 2016 8

Peter Donkin Balloon Services will again offer tethered hot air balloon rides with fantastic aerial views of the marathon finish line.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £5

Together with a bouncy castle and more there really is something for all the family at Go Active at Brathay.

Available: 11.00am - 4.00pm

Price: £2


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A special thank you to all our sponsors and partners. Without your support we wouldn't be able to make Go Active at Brathay the successful event that it is.

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Other events

If Go Active at Brathay has inspired you to take your training and fitness to another level you might be interested in our Brathay Running and Brathay Cycling events. We have a number of events to suit your goals. You may also prefer to undertake your own challenge to support Brathay Trust's work.


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