Hal Cowling

London Marathon Runner

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With only 7 weeks notice, I’ve taken up a spontaneous challenge to run the London Marathon on the 21 April as part of Team Brathay. To contribute to this great cause, to spur on my silly spontaneity, or just for 2 minutes of light reading about the team and this challenge: please drop by my page and support in any way you can.

I was lucky to grow up near the Lakes and have experienced first hand how positively outdoor pursuits and structured mentoring can impact young people, especially those who need it most. These programs – with your support – empower young people by providing them with opportunities for personal growth, helping them to overcome obstacles, unlock potential, build employability, and become positive contributors to society.

I met the Brathay team and the great work they do whilst I was cheering on my Dad as he braved Brathay’s 10 marathons in 10 days-challenge. He’s set the bar pretty high for how far (422km, even) he’s willing to go for this cause. The roles have now switched: for the first time, I’ll be running a marathon whilst he supports on the sidelines. I just hope he’s not expecting me to run another 9 in the following 9 days…

Every contribution you make will give me something to push me through and keep me motivated during those very painful miles at the end of the marathon. I’ll need it!

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  • 2018 – Berlin Marathon
  • 2019 – Nottingham 5k (PB)
  • 2019 – Leicester 10k (PB)
  • 2019 – Hackney Half Marathon (PB)
  • 2019 – Holkham Half Ironman
  • 2021 – Bowood Half Ironman
  • 2022 – Munich Marathon



Goal: £1,000

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