A solo 262

Brathay 262 2018 184
13 Jul
Brathay 262 2018 185
Pete Abernethy (Brathay 262 2018 finisher) caught Jim on his 8th lap.

When Jim Bertram contacted us to say he could no longer make the date for the Brathay 262 after all his hard work training we were disappointed for him. When he said to us he wanted to ride it as a solo fundraiser we were pretty impressed if a little sceptical. Riding for 24 hours with no one else on the road (besides his support team) for encouragement is no easy challenge.

At 02:03:05 this morning Jim finished his 10th lap, 21 hours 56 minutes and 13 seconds after he started.

The Brathay Challenges team would like to congratulate Jim for a great ride and thank him for his great fundraising efforts for Brathay Trust.

Complete results are available here.

Jim's JustGiving page is available here.