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The founder of the Langdale Road Races has a message for the runners…

Dear friends (?)

Just when you thought it was safe to idle about, I’m back on the scene after a double fracture of the spine and two green stick fractures of the pelvis.

What a come back, to be presented with a beautiful slate plaque, detailing the recent winners of the Langdale  Marathon and Half Marathon, which has been attached to the wall beside the gate at the entrance to the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. Feel free to have your photo taken but don’t mither me to be in it!

I’m very grateful to the Brathay Trust for keeping me so closely involved with the marathon after all these years, and hopefully for years to come.

It’s almost time for one of the hardest road marathons in the world. As part of your training, find time to get at least 1 hard 20 mile run, mainly uphill. If you have no hills near you, move.

It would be sensible for you to arrive early to avoid the traffic, but I don’t suppose you’ll bother.

Joking aside, this is a very demanding course, so please put your heart and soul into it. Then you can strip your sleeves, show your scars and say, ‘these wounds I did on Langdales Day’.

I think that’s a version of Tennyson  quote, but feel free to correct me.

In the days I was competing in the event I made some great pals who I often think of, so I think the least you could do is write me a letter and let me know how you’re getting on. I probably won’t be able to respond to your emails or letters, but will definitely enjoy reading them. You can get in touch with me via the Brathay Trust, or via my home address if you have it.

I’d like to send my best wishes to my friend Joss Naylor who can’t be with us this year, but will be sorely missed.

I’d also like to thank my family, the staff at Brathay, and you as competitors for keeping this fabulous race alive.

So remember to pace yourselves, but most of all enjoy it, and I’ll see you at the race.

All the best,

Rocket Rod