Rocket Rod's Ramblings - Part 4

Rocket Rod blog 4
24 Feb

First and foremost, I hope you’ll all wish my wife of over 60 years, Dorothy, a happy 80th birthday on 23rd February. Without her there would be no Langdale Marathon!

She combined running our family, working as a cook at the Great Langdale Estates and assisted me in the mammoth task of creating what has become not only one of the toughest, but surely the most scenic road marathon in the world!!

When we were courting all those long years ago I made Dorothy a promise: stick with me, kid, and you wear diamonds! Well today I have fulfilled that promise.

Back to sport - I would be amiss not to mention United and Liverpool. Nothing is settled yet but 2nd and 6th place is quite a gap!

Now the weather is improving (?) our thoughts are turning to the running season. I hope you’re putting the miles in (as well as your entry forms). This horrible period will soon be over and we can meet up with our old and be friends once again.

Please keep in touch via the Brathay Running Facebook page. My daughter, Maria, shows me your comments. As most of you know, I’m in the Dark Ages as far as the new media is concerned.

Regards to you all,

Rocket Rod

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