Rocket Rod's Ramblings - Part 6

Rocket Rod blog 6
25 Mar

This week I shall combine soccer and my army career. Firstly, United's trouncing of Alf Garnett's West Ham. United 1 (own goal) West Ham 0.

West Ham didn't even have a shot on target - a bit like me if the picture of me on the shooting range at Honiton in Devon during an annual weapons shooting tests. Although to be fair, I did achieve 'marksman' standard with the light machine gun class! So I think our daughter Maria's commented, "They let you have a gun?!" was unfair.

As I write, the weather is quite pleasant and I will soon be able to start training again. If only I can stop falling over. I've decided to run on the grass in Ambleside Park in readiness for the Parkrun which should re-commence very soon. Who knows? This time next year I may be able to do my 20th Keswick to Barrow - a 40+ miler!

Speak to you all soon,

Rocket Rod.