Brathay Challenge Duathlete

82  Sonja Foster 2016
20 Jan

In 2016 Sonja became the first person to complete the Brathay 10in10 and Brathay 262 in one year - that's 20 laps of England's largest lake!.

After completing her 2nd 10in10 on 22nd May Sonja returned to Brathay on the 16th of September to ride the Brathay 262, spending a total of 22 hrs 46 mins in the saddle.

Skip forward to 12th May 2017 and Sonja will return to Brathay Hall to run her 3rd consecutive Brathay 10in10, finishing alongside the ASICS Windermere Marathon - a great opportunity for runners from the Furness area to run alongside and support their local endurance athlete.

Please visit Sonja's 10in10 athlete page and give her your support.

If you want to give Sonja some more motivation (not that she needs it) why not join her final lap of Windermere. Sign up here.