Chasing down world records at the 2018 London Marathon

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17 Apr
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Jonathan starting his final marathon of the 2016 10in10.

Jonathan Carter, who ran the Manchester Marathon in 3hrs, 10mins, hopes to set a Guinness World Record on Sunday dressed as a hospital patient pushing an I.V. drip on a stand.

An emergency nurse practitioner and charge nurse at Airedale General Hospital, his ambition is to raise £6,000 for us as well as funds for the hospital’s dignity room.

Jonathan, who has completed over 100 marathons since he started in 2006, says his colleagues came up with the idea for his costume. If successful he will hold the title of the fastest marathon dressed as a hospital patient.

Jonathan said: "There’s a great tradition of London marathon runners wearing fancy dress around the course, but apparently not in a theatre gown complete with a drip stand. So I have an opportunity to set a new Guinness World Record. Everyone knows how undignified hospital gowns are which is why I am fundraising so we can provide clothing and toiletry to patients who need something to go home in.

I will need to finish the course in less than four hours. It’s going to be a challenge running with the stand and making sure I don’t trip myself or anyone else up. I normally run a marathon in three hours and 20 minutes, so it will be touch and go as to whether or not I make it in time. The course is also very busy so it’s hard to be fast.

As well as wanting to fundraise for the hospital’s dignity room fund I am running for Brathay, who I have supported in the past. Brathay are now working with vulnerable children in my home town, something I am immensely proud of enabling. It’s also the reason why I will be running, for a second time, the Brathay 10in10, in May.

When I look back, if it wasn’t for the help and experiences I got through Scouting, things could have been very different. For the last 15 years I have worked in the Emergency Department and I have seen countless young people who could have benefitted from the support of a charity like Brathay. So it’s great that they are working in my community.

I have had a huge amount of support from my wife Sue and our daughter Erin as well as my friends, family and work colleagues. I’m sorry for talking incessantly about running, my 10in10 challenge and for asking them all to sponsor me again".

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If you wish to support Jonathan donations to his chosen charities can also be made via these JustGiving pages:

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