Deciding what to do with Matt Campbell’s fundraising money

Asics Windermere Marathon 2017 42
30 May

Matt Campbell’s untimely death, just five weeks ago, has led to donations in excess of £367,000 to support our work with children and young people.

This is a significant sum of money and one that we must use well. 

Our Trustees are carefully considering how we do this and we are currently developing our plans, with due regard to the desires of other interested parties, the most important of which is Matt’s family.

What is clear is that we will use this amazing sum in our work to support improved mental health and resilience in young people. The detail of these plans will, however, take some time to shape effectively.

We are conscious that there is a desire to understand exactly what we will be doing, but it would be wrong of us to rush to reach a decision, or publicise ideas that could still be subject to change.

When we have plans ready, we will announce them via our website and social media channels. Understandably, whilst conversations are taking place, it is difficult for us to say when we will be able to make public what we intend to do, but please do check back over the coming months.

Thank you for your interest and support.