The 2020 Brathay 10in10 is underway

Brathay10in10 Day1
29 Oct

This year, eleven runners are tackling 10 marathons over 10 consecutive days in a unique socially distant version of the event.

This incredible challenge usually takes place in May but was moved due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been an enormous mental and physical test for the runners to have had the goalposts moved for an event which takes a huge amount or preparation. They have had the longest wait of any Brathay 10in10 year with uncertainty over the likelihood of it taking place.

Brathay 1010 2020 10
Darren off to a flying start on Day 1
2020 Day2 8
Diane battling through the rain

The relief was palpable when they arrived on Thursday, followed quickly by the realisation that there were now 262 miles to run before the finish on 1st November.

Hosting it in October has certainly brought its own set of challenges, most obvious is the change in weather, with the team having to tackle relentless rain each day. Another is the lack of spectators to keep spirits up, due to the safety precautions introduced to keep the runners socially distanced.

It is day 7 and although the end is it sight, there are still four more marathons to push through.

Find out how the team are getting on each day.

The 10in10 raises money for Brathay Trust and their work to improve the life chances of vulnerable children and young people in the UK. Donations to support the 10in10 campaign can be made through JustGiving.