The Brathay 5K

Asics Windermere Marathon 2018 13
12 Mar

We hope our new 5K race has plenty to inspire non-runners to sign up now and start training for their first event in nine weeks’ time, Sunday 19 May in Ambleside.

Not only is the route very scenic but runners will share a finish line with those in the ASICS Windermere Marathon and Brathay 10in10 endurance event. Many running the marathon events progressed from a 5K race. And all runners will be helping to raise over £100,000 to improve the life chances of the young people we work with.

The front lawn of Brathay Hall, which overlooks England’s largest lake, Windermere, is the picture perfect start and finish line for all three events with an estimated 1,300 runners taking part.

Scott Umpleby, a fell runner and our Head of Fundraising explains:

“We believe that every young person has the capacity to do extraordinary things. For many that takes great resilience, will power and determination, the same skills we see in those tackling our running, cycling, walking and rowing events. We also know challenge is personal. A 5K race can be as daunting for one person as running 10 marathons in 10 days is for another.

“Our first 5K event is aimed at those who have never run a timed race before or people who don’t believe they can run, but are up for a challenge. 

“Getting off the couch and out of the front door is half the battle” continues Scott.

“But, if you can and you are prepared to follow a programme like the free and widely available ‘Couch to 5k’ you’ll soon find you are running more than you are walking. And then you can run 5K and you have a medal to prove it.

“Running is great for the body, and for the mind, boosting mood and self-esteem. It’s also free and it should be easy to find a route from home or work.

“Many of our Brathay 10in10 runners started out as ‘Couch to 5K’ runners so you may even find yourself running much longer distances” adds Scott.

“Another benefit of running is the amazing community you can tap into, always supporting and encouraging each other and doing amazing things like fundraising for many different causes.”

Click here for more information about our Brathay 5K.

For more details of a ‘Couch to 5K’ programme visit the NHS website or Google to find others.

We work with over 7,000 children and young people each year - helping them to unlock their potential and cope with challenging circumstances. For over 70 years we have achieved this by offering young people opportunities to learn through experiencing outdoor and creative activities.