Nutrition & Hydration

“After natural talent and appropriate training, an adequate diet is known to be the next most important element for enhancing the training and performance of sports people”. Prof Clyde Williams, Loughborough University

It is now accepted that food and nutrition have an important role in supporting training and competition in all sports, but do you give enough attention to these important components in the challenge to improve your performance? Are you fully aware of why the right approach to nutrition is important and are you taking advantage of it?

Your approach to nutrition and hydration

Inside Story - What's Happening to your Body?

No wonder the marathon is our ultimate yardstick - from cramps, to dizziness, to dehydration, those gruelling 26.2 miles reach parts other distances can't reach. And it can pay to know exactly which parts.

"Understanding the physiological processes that occur during the different stages of a marathon gives runners a better grip of the underpinnings of strategy and training and can take their running to the next level." Clare Lane, Applied Physiologist, Bath University Human Performance Centre

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Developing your Nutrition Strategy

Eating a healthy balanced diet is important for everybody to maintain health and fitness. For sports people regular training and competition can be both physically and mentally draining, requiring energy levels to be sustained for long periods in daily training sessions, as well as other demanding activities and commitments. Your diet - the food you eat - is critical for fueling your body for regular exercise, aiding power and endurance, concentration and coordination, boosting immunity and promoting repair and a speedy recovery.

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