Aly Knowles

Operations Manager

I have worked at Brathay since 1998 and I love this very special place, our work with young people and everything it stands for, with a passion. My current role is Operations Manager for our Challenge Events. This means I have operational responsibility for the 10in10, the marathon and our cycling events.  

I am married to Mac and we have two sons, 28-year-old Gareth and 20-year-old Morgan. I began running in my late thirties and I ran my first ever marathon in London just five months after the birth of my second son. I was then bitten by the ‘London Bug’ and I went on to run four more London Marathons. I have to date ran 36 marathons.

In 2008 after being inspired by previous 10in10 runners I made a decision to train for and run the following year’s 10in10 which I returned to complete in 2010. Over the two years when I was in training for the 10in10 I put my, and my family’s lives on hold, whilst I committed to train and raise money for Brathay (nearly £8,500). I know, therefore, first-hand, what the 10in10 runners go through. For me, it was an incredible journey which was life-changing. It is amazing to discover what your body can go through and the pain you can endure if you have the mental strength to see it through.

Since 2011 I have enjoyed being on the other side of the fence supporting runners through their journey.


  • 2008: Snowdonia Marathon
  • 2008: Great Langdale Marathon
  • 2009: London Marathon
  • 2009: Paris Marathon
  • 2009: Brathay 10in10
  • 2009: Snowdonia Marathon
  • 2009: Great Langdale Marathon
  • 2010: London Marathon
  • 2010: Lochaber Marathon
  • 2010: Paphos Marathon
  • 2010: Brathay 10in10