Emma Dewhurst

Ten Stories High (PR & Marketing)

I have been providing PR support to the amazing Brathay Trust for many years now. It is a particular delight and honour to help with Brathay’s 10in10 challenge and to get to know the runners. Their efforts means youngsters in need get great help from Brathay.

I am not a runner, my 10in10 equivalent is a 5km run, so I am super impressed by anyone who can run a marathon, never mind the same one each day for 10 days. I am always moved to see each 10in10er over the finish line on Day 10 and I am on tenterhooks each day until I know everyone is back.

My job is to interest the media in telling the stories of these amazing runners and the youngsters they are helping. It’s life-affirming to see what we are all capable of when we dig deep.