We have pulled together the knowledge and experience of endurance athletes, coaches and sports science specialists to provide a selection of training plans with tips and advice to get you ready for the ASICS Windermere Marathon.

Whatever your level of experience our training plans will help prepare you to cross the finish line at Brathay Hall. Whether you're training to break records or simply to enjoy the experience and still have the energy to wave to supporters as you cross the finish line, we'll have a training plan for you. These programs take into consideration your experience, aspirations and busy schedule.

The human body is capable of amazing things - you just have to be prepared and ready. As Joss Naylor always says "You need to do your homework!". 

Choose a training plan to suit your experience and aspirations

How to use our Training Plans

Following one of our three 16 week training plans (Beginner, Improver and Advanced) will help you to structure your running and provide appropriate progression and workouts week by week.

The plans feature a variety of training in the right quantities and at the right times. The key is to make the plan personal to you.

Download the How To Use Marathon Training Plans PDF

Beginner Training Plan

If this is your first marathon and you're new to long distance running, then this training plan is suitable for you. The program will help to build your training for your first marathon, so that you can enjoy the day while being well prepared for the miles (and hills!).

Download the Beginner 16 Week Training Plan PDF

Intermediate Training Plan

Our intermediate training plan has been designed to help you build on existing experience and fitness to complete (and compete in) your next marathon. The program will help to develop your training to achieve your aspirations - whether this is to run a new PB time or to cope with (dare we even say enjoy!) the hills on our beautifully challenging course.

Download the Intermediate 16 Week Training Plan PDF

Advanced Training Plan

Our advanced training plan has been designed to build on existing experience and fitness to help you to compete in your age category. The program will develop your training to run as close as possible to your ideal marathon pace. This plan is aimed at athletes who aspire to 'race' their marathon and improve on previous performance. It also allows for a small reserve of energy to look up occasionally and enjoy the stunning Lake District scenery!

Download the Advanced 16 Week Training Plan PDF

10in10 Training tips and tricks

Training tips and advice from Chris Heaton an Adam Smith. Chris completed the Brathay 10in10 in 2010, went on to run 30in30 in 2013 and other challenging ultra endurance events (often involving snow, frozen lakes, glaciers etc).

Adam manages our relationship with the University of Cumbria Medical & Sport Sciences department and coordinates injury therapy, sports massage and recovery support provided by students. Adam's particular interests and specialty areas focus on functional training/strength and conditioning work for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Download the Brathay 10In10 Training Tips Advice PDF