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Cross Bay Walk

Participation in the Brathay Challenges Cross Bay Walk

  • To take part in the Cross Bay Walk participants must be 18 years or over on 10 June 2023 if not
    accompanied by an adult.
  • The organisers use data supplied by participants to process an entry. All data (electronic and
    paper) is stored securely. Personal data is not supplied or distributed to any third party other than
    those working within the framework of the event.
  • Participants grant permission for photographic prints, films or recordings to be taken and
    organisers reserve the right to use such photographs for publicity to promote future events and the
    Trust’s charity work.
  • Participants agree for Brathay to contact them with event information.


  • Whilst Brathay Walking will take steps, that are so far as is reasonably practical, to ensure the
  • smooth & safe running of this event, you as a participant are responsible for your own safety. In
  • addition, whilst taking part in the event you must not place other participants or any members of
  • the public at risk as a result of your acts and/or omissions.

Event Cancellation policy

The Cross Bay Walk is organized and delivered by The Guide Over Sands Trust. As organisers they
reserve the right to cancel, delay or postpone the event due to emergency or extraordinary
conditions. These include adverse weather conditions, or following instructions from the
emergency services. Brathay Trust will keep you updated with any changes to the walk shared by
The Guide Over Sands Trust.

In the unlikely event that the walk has to be cancelled, delayed or
postponed due to circumstances outside of our control, no refunds will be payable. If the event
is cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances created by COVID-19, we will refund 70% of the
entry fee paid.

Participant Cancellations

If participants wish to cancel their entry they need to contact the Brathay Walking team at
[email protected]

We are unable to offer refunds in case of cancellation.

This does not affect our cancellation terms as detailed above.