Benefits of volunteering as an individual

  • Complimentary entry to an event in the following 12 months

Anyone who volunteers on a Brathay Challenges event will receive a complimentary to any open event of their choosing within the next 12 months (including the following year of the event they volunteered at).

  • Volunteer events

All volunteers will be invited to attend events at Brathay in recognition of their support offering the opportunity to find out more about Brathay and how their support is benefiting others.

Benefits of volunteering as an organisation (4 or more people)

In addition to individual benefits, groups of 4 or more benefit from:

  • Discounted meeting space

If you need a space to hold meeting, all organisations that offer volunteer support will be eligible for discounted meeting space at Brathay Hall.

  • Public recognition of support

Should you wish, we're more than happy to publically recognise your support providing exposure for your organisation. This could be through an ad in an event programme or social media, for example. Details of this would be determined by the amount of support being offered.

If you're interested in volunteering as an individual or as a part of a group, get in touch here.